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Counseling with different therapies

Counseling is a process which involves several follow-up sessions, where the counselor helps the counselee psychologically to search the reasons behind the difficult situations. A counselor is not an Adviser, or a person giving solution to the problems, but assists in helping you to find the solutions. The counseling session focuses on self growth and exploring the real qualities, talents and intelligence, whereby a human is enriched with knowledge of psychology, spiritual and physical health.

Therapy literally means curing or healing, it seeks to cure the root cause of a psychological disorder. During therapy, it was found that many are reluctant to speak out, pressurized by the unstable family background, introvert nature, victim of circumstances and pretend to be normal.They isolate themselves, become anti-social and lead a frustrated depressed life. A therapist helps people of all ages live happier, healthier and have a more productive life.

Several approaches to psychotherapy are: Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, Functional Behavior therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Social cognitive therapy, Behavior Avoidance Test. Along with these Psychological Approaches, various kinds of therapy techniques as meditation, introspection, color, clay, miniature animal, music, creative activities, green therapy, energizing seven chakras are being  used according to the difficulties the client is struggling with.

 Color therapy is a non-invasive holistic treatment. It is very often used to heal physical and emotional problems. It is a complementary therapy used for the people suffering from depression, stress and seasonal disorder.

 Clay therapy plays an important role for the person who finds it difficult to express themselves about the deep rooted hurt, anger, stress, emotions locked in the safe vault in the deepest recesses of the mind. Clay therapy triggers the buried feelings, emotional wounds, long forgotten memories and helps in inner growth and healing.

   In Miniature Animal therapy, animal toy are used.The client is asked to select an animal as himself/herself and then asked to select family members accordingly.The way the client selects the animal and keeps in distance resembles the innermost feelings about relationships and the difficulties faced by them. The main aim of miniature animal therapy is to explore the past, present and future relationship with others to visualize the better future to overcome the fears with a relationship. It also helps the counselee to accept the loss of some family members.

  The thought process in the mind results in creativity through hands, creative activities explore one’s feelings, ideas, and facts of day to day life. The various kinds of creative activities are story or poem writing, music, singing, dancing, yoga, martial arts which help in exploring one’s stress, anxiety, depression, sorrows and happiness.

 Green therapy relieves symptoms of depression and stabilizes Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The fresh air in the green environment brings relief to a variety of health issues and psychological disorders. Being around plants and gardening activities like digging soil, planting seedlings, weeding garden beds and trimming leaves help in promoting the psychological well-being.

 The Seven chakras are the energy centers of one’s body.The chakrasare located in the astral body along the spine from the base towards the crown of the head, and it coincides with the glands of the physical body with a specific color which is related to emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical aspects. The blockage or malfunction of the chakras results in physical, emotional and psychological disorder. The balancing of the chakras and conscious awareness is done by asana practice, chakra meditation, intensifying mudras and detoxifying mantra chakra to stimulate energies in the body.

Spiritual Counseling : ” Most religious people will talk at you for God, Spiritual people will talk with you about God”- Spirituality means to search beyond the limit of belief in a greater existence outside of human kind. It is off course linked with religion, but practicing spirituality is to go beyond religion and connect oneself to a larger sphere such as the Universe.