Self Knowledge Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I extend the duration of course apart from the standard time? 

Once the course is completed and you find yourself not ready for the examination, you can re-apply for the modules which you find difficult. Any doubts and difficulties will then be simplified and resolved with extra training.

  • How are the mini therapy courses different from the main modules? 

The main modules of the certificate course consist of all the topics mentioned in the textbook. If you are interested in one or more topics of mini therapy, you will be provided with the knowledge and training in that particular course with a certificate mentioning only that mini course.

  • Who can enroll in SelfKnowledgeNow course?

Any person who has passed Xth standard examination or higher is eligible.The courses are conducted in English with explanation in Hindi and Marathi for candidates from vernacular medium. No age limitations for elderly candidates.

  • How is this course different from the other psychology courses of various universities?

The psychology courses provided in the university deal with a standard prototype of lessons. In contrast, the SelfKnowledgeNow training centre works with a person’s Mind, Body and Soul. The training provided cleanses a person’s mind psychologically, diagnoses the background of physical ailments, whether it is related to the past or present rooted cause. It also contemplates on one’s spiritual area.

  • What will be the validity of the certificates issued after completing the selected course? 

Once you have completed the certificate course with required training, internship and a letter from the center mentioning that you have been qualified in that particular course, You are entitled to work as counselor in that module you have been specified, With the Reference letter, you will be connected to different NGOs and institutions for the purpose of employment. Help you to start your own counseling center with a set-up plan and the required materials. As well, assistance will be given in difficult cases that approach you. 

  • How will the course develop the counselor in me? 

SelfKnowledgeNow Centre demands devotion, sincerity, punctuality, regularity in completing homeworks (both theory and practical) and a declaration regarding the same from your side. SelfKNowledgeNow assures you in dusting away the rust accumulated in your mind, body and soul and helps you in realizing that you indeed have the qualities of a counselor hidden within you.

  • What will be the duration of the course?

SelfKnowledgeNow provides twenty days for complete theory classes which includes homework, classwork and activities. Thereafter, a written examination is given to evaluate whether you have grasped the exact purpose of the course. In addition to it, you will be provided with a complete training with the center for 10 days. With your devotion and regularity, the Centre may permit you to handle fewer cases independently and on the satisfaction you may get a reference letter. A certificate is given once you clear the written examination and practical training in counseling. Regarding the pace to complete the course, it totally depends on the candidate.

  • Can the counseling and therapies be done online? What is the procedure?

The centre has a simplified protocol about online counseling depending on the therapies suggested which involves feedback and guidance in messages based on the images and details given by the client.”

SelfKnowledgeNow conducts counseling and therapy sessions online with a standard     procedure.

  • Does the therapy works/ is it effective?

Therapy is a vital process and has the power to transform and bring changes in the psychological state of mind. To experience psychotherapy one requires vulnerability, courage, and openness towards the brainstorming exercises. The client who is willing to put an effort experiences a positive state of well-being. A successful therapy does not mean that the client is cured; it means a person gains inner strength and outer resources to deal with the ups and downs of life.

  • How is counseling/psychotherapy different from talking to a friend?

Friends are a part and parcel of one’s life; they are ATA –Any Time Available. Confiding to friends is a temporary solace and may not be helpful in sorting out the root cause of the problem. A counselor or therapist helps you to unleash the primary cause of the difficulties related to any aspect of life and works with the sub-conscious mind and interlink the dots with past or present deeds, actions and behavior.

  • How does Psychotherapy/Counseling works? When is it needed?

Psychotherapy is a team work between an individual and a psychotherapist or a counselor. It includes cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal and forms of talk therapy, which will aid in assisting the individual to work through the problems. It builds a supportive environment which gives the required space to express openly, identify the peculiar thought process and behavior pattern which obstructs one from experiencing a blissful life.

A psychotherapist or counselor should be approached without a second thought in the following scenario:

  1. Prolonged sense of helplessness and sadness.
  2. Despite trying the suggestions from friends or family members, the problem does not seem to get any better.
  3. Difficulty in concentration and displeasure or lack of strength in performing the daily activities and work assignments.
  4. The mental state deteriorates till an extent that the mind keeps worrying inordinately and repeatedly thinks about self being in the worst scenario.
  5. Constant increase in the consumption of substances such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, or addiction towards doctor’s medicine.
  6. Experiencing out of control situation which invokes the thought of destruction to self or others.
  • Is Counselor/ Therapist confidential?

Counselor/Therapist is bounded by the code of ethics. Honesty and privacy are the fundamental pillars in the course of counseling and therapy.