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Hello! I am Infantcia Martin

Today, take one step closer, to understand yourself a little better and  feel empowered  to growth and well- being. As a  Solution-focussed therapist, my goal is to help you unleash your true potential and  live a life that is worth cherishing. Though, the situations of the past cannot be changed, we can definitely work together to heal its impact and resolve the challenges in your life.

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Infantcia Martin
Professional Psychotherapy Counselor
MA (psychology),  D.Sw


You can count on me for confidentiality with respect to all your personal conversation.


I assure you my complete dedication and devotion during every counseling session to make worth your valuable time.


The outcome of counseling and therapy sessions will be highly fulfilling with maximum cooperation from both the sides.


I have 30 years of experience in Legal consultancy and practice and 10 years of experience in Psychotherapy and counseling, working with various issues of the people.


I always upgrade myself with new ideas, therapies and techniques of counseling to resolve the difficulties which guarantee optimum results.


You can rely on me with any sensitive issues to release your mental stress and have my non-judgemental support to deal with it.

My Education

I have a diverse educational background with degrees and expertise in the field of Psychology, Law, and Commerce and various certification courses which gives me a broader horizon to comprehend different cases in counseling and Psychotherapy.      

MA (Psychology)

To understand Psychology with different approaches of therapies that work in exploring and balancing the feelings, thoughts, and behavior of a person.

D. SW (diploma in Social Work)

Connecting with different NGOS and working with the under-privileged people.

(LL.M, D.LL )

My Law experience involves higher inclination towards “mutual settlement”over rushing into the court of law by legal Advice Counseling.


Well-versed with the financial adjustments, and budgeting required under all circumstances.

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