Self Knowledge Now


Self Knowledge Now conducts various workshops on therapies and different topics related to Psychological well-being based on the age groups.  Some of the workshops conducted by Self Knowledge Now for various centres, Schools, Colleges, and Ngos are: 

Parenting workshop

 For First Holy Communion Candidate’s parents, at  St.Michael Church with points on how to let the children grow and  promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, financial, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood

Creative Activities and Time Management workshop

 For the children of Good Shepherd NGO on creative thinking, explaining as to how it involves mental as well physical action which generates chemicals like dopamine, adrenaline and endorphins which modulates serotonin and has a  positive effect on mood and self-esteem.

Stress Management workshop

For the children of Good Shepherd NGO at Karjat. With the explanation that  there is  a viscous circle of negative emotion and behavior pattern when one gets tensed up. Due to stress one speaks harmful talk, gives a negative reaction to physical states by which one  experiences negative feelings, then there is negative behavior of exploding or running away from situations.

Career Guidance and Goal setting workshop

 For group of children from Good-Shepherd Ngo. Guidance was given about how they can pursue their dreams, accomplish their goals taking into consideration their family background, financial status, aids from the government and motivation factor. The discussion had practical talk to simplify their understanding and be flexible in switching over to the different goals.

Workshop for the M.Sc. Nursing students at the Hinduija Hospital on Learning Disabilities

Guiding the nursing students with the tips on  nursing skills such as good listener, responsible manager, a knowledgeable and skilled person with values and behavior according to the 6C’s: Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage, and Commitments towards their duties.

Time Management workshop

 For standard IX Co-education English High school at Chandip, Dist Palghar. With an explanation on definition of time, the importance of each moment in life, as well as how to utilize time in the best possible way. Guided the students about how to use the Pomodoro technique while studying for the daily time-table and specially during the examination.

Child rights

For parents and children with the explanation that how child rights are a part of human right, especially with minors and how to get justice accordingly. This workshop was conducted for Good-Shepherd Convent, Virar.