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Why mental health is important?

As much as we stress on maintaining our physical body, a lot of our psychological well-being is sidelined. To match up with the pace of the rapidly changing times, we push our minds to conditions of extreme stress. But, “mental health” is a very important part of our life, sometimes even more important than the physical health.

The most common terms associated to mental health are ‘depression’, ‘anxiety’ and ‘suicidal tendency’. But, they are actually the end points when we do not maintain our psychological hygiene. Mental health comes right into frame when the mind is not coinciding and trying to overcome the events that have occurred during the day. Then, it subsequently starts affecting our daily routine, positive thought process and also physiologically in terms of release of hormones.

The first step towards taking care of mental health is to ask yourself ‘Am I okay?’ in every situation. And, it is not just about giving an answer but genuinely trying to understand self in every scenario. As our regular exercises of walking, running, swimming or gym, our mental health also requires some exercises. Filtering negative thoughts, deep-breathing, introspecting our negative flow of thoughts and saying affirmations, meditation are some of them. Yet, the easiest exercise of all for our psychological well-being is, simply, to talk. Talk to your friends, your family,some acquaintance and also talk to yourself. But, when in life, during any events or crisis, if you find difficulty in talking to yourself through it, consider seeking help with therapies and counseling, till you attain complete psychological healing.

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