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“ SelfKnowledgeNow Pychotherapy Counseling And Training Centre ”

The need for SelfKnowledgeNow Psychotherapy, Counseling and Training Centre came into existence because of my personal experiences of life in happiness, trials, tribulations, sorrows, victory and success. Continuously swimming against the tide with patience, perseverance and every additional feather of certificates and degrees to my cap made me “Self-knowledge” myself.

In this process, I have realized that every human has positive attributes overwhelmed by the external environment and invasive circumstances. With the keen desire to reach out to the ones who are in utmost need of clearing the rust on their mind, Self Knowledge Now was established on 4th January 2010.

At Self Knowledge Now, constant reflection of psychological well-being is ensured with various therapies to concentrate on the complete person by penetrating their mind, body and soul. From the journey of overcoming the relative background of the disturbed psychology to inner healing , the therapy sessions are curated to attain deeper knowledge about the self.

The main objectives of the Centre are:

  • To provide explicit services in counseling for the typical as well as the mystic psychological obstacles faced by the clients in any challenging scenario.
  • To incite the clients to explore their inner knowledge which goes beyond the perspective of religion and helps them to attain spiritual healing which ultimately heals their mind, body, and soul.
  • To be constantly active and dedicated to imparting thorough knowledge and practical training about the psychology of human beings and the emotional, physical, spiritual  and worldly elements.
  • To trigger a dynamic evolution in human psychology for the well being, spiritual growth, and enlightening the Mind, Body, and Soul.
  • To help the clients with cognition and strategies that positively induces self-belief which guides them to support their desires with their action.

We are best in Psychotherapy

We are a group of professional and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists offering private psychological therapy and psychiatry.


We, as a team of SelfKnowledgeNow centre, are highly committed to our assigned duties concerning the client approach to our centre.


At Self Knowledge Now centre, cooperation is our key to perform the best services for the clients.


Our professionalism as a team is always backed up with utmost confidentiality.

Meet Team members

Iwin Nayak

Project Manager And Data Analyst

Ashu Yadhav

Team and Client Co-ordinator

Hetvi Vashi

Assistant to Counselor


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